Please review our payment policy in its entirety prior to booking services

Thank you for choosing Leesa Media.  

Payment Policy 2024



Thank you for choosing Leesa Media for your marketing/business needs.  I am committed to working with you to make your business successful.  Part of your commitment to that success is the prompt payment of your bill. Please read this policy in its entirety. You will receive an electronic copy via email to sign the agreement thereby indicating your understanding of my payment policy. 



A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to book a slot on the calendar for returning clients. The fee will go towards your service of choice. Payment can be made via invoice, CashApp or Paypal. Please visit the booking link to book your slot. 

For 20-minute discovery calls, there is a non-refundable fee of $25 -please book here  

Please Note: text messages, phone calls or emails will not book your slot. Until payment is confirmed, the calendar remains open.  Cash/Checks are not accepted.



Full/Completed payments are required before services begin.  If you have been invoiced, please remit your payment by the due date. Failure to complete your payment will result in cancellation of requested services and fees are non-refundable. I am committed to providing exemplary service, I will need the same commitment from you. A timely payment will ensure deadlines are met and services are completed to the clients satisfaction. Any financial difficulties that would prevent you from meeting your payment due date should be discussed with me as soon as possible. If you are under contract (signed) to Leesa Media with a quarterly or annual contract, your agreed payment is due by 1pm on your date of choice per contractual agreement. You will receive one email notification for overdue payments.   



20-minute initial phone consultations are for new clients only inquiring about services. The fee is $25 and non-refundable. Please click here to book. 

If you are a returning client, please schedule a 1 hour meeting here. The fee is $50 and non-refundable.



If you have paid your deposit and booked for a scheduled meeting, you are allotted one reschedule date. If you are unable to make your rescheduled time slot, you must start the process over (regarding services). 20-minute discovery calls follow the same rule of one reschedule by restarting the process over here 

Leesa Media LLC reserves the right to decline continued missed/rescheduled appointments. Appointments are an integral part of your business' success.



"Your Brand is My Business." Leesa Media is committed to a positive client experience and result driven outcome. Please commit to your brand/business by responding timely to follow-up emails, calls, and texts once service has started. Ala Carte services will have a 90-day max limit of completion. Example: If you pay for web design, please send all deliverables within one week of payment. This ensures corrections and completion are handled timely. If you have surpassed the 90-day limit, you must start the process over with a meeting and full payment for service of choice. There are no refunds and no exceptions.


An electronic version will be sent for completion. 

Payment Options

20-minute initial phone consultations are for new clients only inquiring about services. The fee is $25 and non-refundable. 

Returning clients there is a $50 non-refundable fee to reserve your slot. Fee goes toward service of choice. 

Please use a payment option below.


PayPal (Please send as friends and family)

Invoice (Send an email requesting an invoice)